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"I got my job offer as a corporate paralegal before my course was completed. I work with a team of corporate paralegals for a major international finance company and another paralegal on staff was also taking paralegal classes at the same time as me. She was using an onsite program from a local school
that is highly regarded. I was able to study with her and help her with her projects due to the quality of the education I received. Thank you WOLI for the great education; I love my job as a corporate paralegal."- Christine Foster,
Corporate Governance Paralegal - ING
"I can say with certainty, given my long educational resume, [that] the education delivered by the professors at WOLI was stellar," she said. "It was comprehensive. Not a stone was unturned. You exit this program feeling quite capable." - Donna Profeta, Paralegal and Realtor
"After getting my certification from WOLI, I obtained a job working at a mid-sized law firm in NJ. I feel that my certification from WOLI is what opened the door for my interview, which ultimately landed me the position."
- Charlene Becker, Paralegal
"I am currently working as a paralegal in a firm that has 9 offices throughout the country. I know that taking the paralegal course at WOLI gave me the edge I needed to obtain this position and to have the confidence I needed to come up with a plan and go for it! Thanks WOLI!" - Susan Feaster, Paralegal
"It was the quality of the instruction I have had at WOLI that enabled me to convince them that I can do the job. I especially credit your answers to my continual list of questions, for giving me down-to-earth knowledge of different fields of the law. It helped tremendously in interviewing with three different lawyers at once." -Jan Ireland, Legal Assistant
"The training I received has really advanced my career. I was hired as head-paralegal for a large litigation firm based out of Brownsville and San Antonio, Texas. I have been and was working as legal assistant, for an attorney, but I have moved upward so fast, simply because of the training.."
- Gela Brooks, CLA/Paralegal

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